Our Story

“Eat Love Dream Peace Taman Nauli”

The Boutique Rooms has been build with only one thought: Comfortability.
Taman Nauli consists of a, Restaurant, garden area with seating area, swimming pool and 16 bedrooms that are divided into two different bedroom styles. The building is two stories tall and has an opening in the back into stunning views Rice paddy fields and Pandan fields. Aiming to inspire a peaceful and serene sense, all rooms acquire decorative style that gives privacy, comfort and character.

Building: factory to Boutique Rooms

It’s inevitable that structures will age and outgrow their original functions. With changes in technology and lifestyle, construction and design are constantly updated to meet modern demands, and older structures are left in the wake of change. Previously the building of the bed and breakfast, function as a production area that house 200 sewing machines and sewing girls that stood for 12 years. As the era of garment factory moved on the building was left empty for a year before our family took on the challenge of restoring the building into a guess house. Historic buildings provide a glimpse of our past while lending character and serving a new practical purpose in our modern communities.

Exposed brick walls, high factory ceilings, and worn tiles, kept the factory image and added our beloved collection of antiques and collectables to create a eclectic personalized livable space, each unique into each other.

Family business

We are the Nasution’s and before we tell you the story of our family business, we’d like to welcome you into our home as our family and may you have a pleasant and unforgettable stay.

We have inherited this land, lush in water and nature, for 25 years.

Before transitioning into the hospitality business, we previously were in the garment sector exporting and owning our very own brand of luxury evening gowns DindaRella.

Hence the building of this bed and breakfast was previously a garment factory. Additionally our love for antiques has lead us to showcase our collection throughout our property.

We are a loyal and dedicated team at Taman Nauli working hard to make sure your stay is unforgettable. If there is anything we can help you with during your stay, please ask our front desk and we will do our upmost to assist you.

We will take care of the rest

Our lovely staff will make your stay is as comfortable and pleasant as possible and allowing you to find yourself and the essence of your personal art of fine living.

We love to read the comments in our visitor’s book so please feel free to leave a comment during your stay or as you depart. Our visitor’s book is located on the reception table. Also, with review sites such as Trip Advisor proving so popular we would appreciate it if you could take the time to post a review.

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

Thank you

From Nasution Family and everyone at Taman Nauli